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Pablo's Tree
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Mora, Pat.  1994.  Pablo's tree.  Illustrated by
     Cecily Lang.  New York: Macmillan Publishing
     Company.  ISBN: 0027674010.


Pablo was adopted.  The first thing his grandfather did upon hearing the news of a new baby was buy a tree to plant in his grandson's honor.  Grandfather had to find just the right spot for this tree.  Abuelito (grandfather) thought about planting the tree in the front yard but it is too noisy. The rose garden had too many thorns, so he decided to plant the tree in a quiet spot in the sun where he could watch it grow. 

Every year grandfather has decorated Pablo's tree for his grandson's birthday.  One year he filled it with colored streamers, the next balloons, then lanterns, and birdcages.  Every year it is a surprise and Pablo can hardly wait to see his tree this year!  Finally the moment arrives.  Pablo gets to his grandfather's house and finds bells and chimes jingling on his tree.  Of course, Pablo can hardly wait for his visit next year to find out how his tree will be decorated.

This picture book, included on the 1994 Americas Commended List from the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (, focuses on "the very special relationship between a child and an older person within a Hispanic family" (Ayres).  The illustrator uses colorful, cut-paper collage to enhance each page like a family photo album.  Warm brown skin tones, hairstyles, and clothing reflect a modern Hispanic family.

The story captures the warmth and tradition shared by this family.  Grandfather loves to recount the story of how Pablo came into his life and Pablo cannot wait to hear it over again.  The use of Spanish terminology intermixed with English, flows smoothly and adds to the overall authenticity of this Mexican-American birthday narrative.

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