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Multicultural Literature
This Same Sky
Yangsook Choi: Biography
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The Thief Lord
This Same Sky
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge
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My Name is Maria Isabel
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Jingle Dancer
The Name Jar
Tree of Cranes
Good Luck Gold: And Other Poems
The Magic Paintbrush
Ella Enchanted
Silent Lotus
Real Heroes

Nye, Naomi Shihab.  1992.  This same sky.  New York: Four Winds
     Press.  ISBN: 0027684407.


The collected works of 129 poets from 68 countries are contained in this anthology.  Nye has purposely not selected poets born in the United States intending to introduce poets "who have shared the twentieth century from many other vantage points" (Nye, 1992).  The book is broken into sections including family, nature, loss, and dreams.  Annotations explaining vocabulary or phrases perhaps unknown to the reader are noted at the bottom of many poems.

These poems allow a glimpse into the thoughts and daily life of people and cultures very different from ours.  Yet in many poems there is a common thread linking us together.  For instance in the Irish poem, The First Shoe, the poet watches a 'man-baby' take his first steps in his first shoes.  The poem states, "You have a long road to travel and tying your shoe is only the first tying" (Nye p. 83).  A parent anywhere feels this as they watch their children venture forth into the world!

The poems cover a range of emotions; sadness, despair, anger and laughter. Some poems are difficult to understand and "require an adult perspective to be appreciated" (SLJ 1992).  This collection is appropriate for upper grade students and would be lend itself to interesting discussion within a classroom.  The author includes notes about each contributor at the end of the book adding authenticity to this collection.  The indexes, broken down by poet and country, would prove a useful tool for teachers and librarians planning multicultural units. 

Nye says it best, "I think of a house with a thousand glittering windows.  I think of poets over the ages sending their voices out into the sky, leaving quiet, indelible trails".  We need a book that helps build bridges across our common humanity.

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